Level 1 Maths is the essential level required for most jobs.  It is suitable for Adult learners wishing to brush up on the Maths skills needed in every day life. Most  Level 1 Maths courses run for a year with an exam at the end. The exam is either online or paper based, and lasts up to  1 hour 30 mins.Our Functional Skills Maths revision resources includes worksheets, Workbooks (Edexcel), Maths tests and past papers.

On their own the level 1 Maths resource are great. But to gain maximum benefit they should ideally be used with a tutor. Hover over a topic to open revision packs.


Level 1 Maths Workbook


1. Whole Numbers

Chapter 1 – Whole Numbers- Learner Materials

Chapter 1 – Whole Numbers – Answers 

Understanding Numbers worksheet -FSML1

Four Rules of Numbers worksheet – FSML1

Estimating                  –  Tutorial             Practice                  Assessment

Rounding Numbers  –  Tutorial             Practice                  Assessment


2. Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Chapter 2 – Fraction, Decimals and Percentages – Learner Materials

Chapter 2 – Fractions, Decimals and Percentages – Answers

Fractions of a Whole worksheet – FSML1

Percentages  worksheet – FSML1

Place Value and Order  worksheet – FSML1

Decimals and Fractions          –  Tutorial             Practice                  Assessment

Decimals and Percentages     –  Tutorial             Practice                  Assessment

Percentages and Fractions     –  Tutorial             Practice                  Assessment


3. Ratio, Proportion, Formulae and Equations

Chapter 3 – Ratio, Proportion, Formulae and Equations-  Learner Materials

Chapter 3- Ration, Proportion, Formulae and Equations – Answers

Ratio and Scales worksheet- FSML1

Ratio                                  –  Tutorial             Practice                  Assessment

Using Ratio                     –  Tutorial             Practice                  Assessment

Proportion                       –  Tutorial             Practice                  Assessment

Using Proportion          –  Tutorial             Practice                  Assessment

Using Formulae            –  Tutorial             Practice                  Assessment


4. Working with Measures

Chapter 4 – Working with Measure – Learner Materials

Chapter 4 – Working with Measure – Answers

Units of Measure Worksheet – FSML1

Reading Scales    –  Tutorial             Practice                  Assessment


5. Shape and Space

Chapter 5 – Shape and Space – Learner Materials

Chapter 5 – Shape and Space – Answers

Perimeter, Area and Volume  worksheet- FSML1

Scale Drawings                 –  Tutorial             Practice                  Assessment

Using Scale Drawings    –  Tutorial             Practice                  Assessment

Volume of Shapes             –  Tutorial             Practice                  Assessment


6. Working with Averages and Data

Chapter 6 – Working with Averages and Data – Learner Materials

Chapter 6 –  Working With Averages and Data – Answer

Average and Range Worksheet – FSML1

Reading Bar Graphs     –   Tutorial               Practice              Assessment

Reading Line Graphs   –   Tutorial               Practice              Assessment

Reading Pie Charts      –   Tutorial               Practice              Assessment

Reading Tables             –   Tutorial               Practice              Assessment

Calculating Mean        –    Tutorial               Practice              Assessment

Calculating Median     –    Tutorial               Practice             Assessment

Calculating Mode        –    Tutorial               Practice              Assessment


7. Probability

Chapter 7 – Probability –  Learner Materials

Chapter 7 –  Probability – Answers