Year 5 and Year 6 Maths is an important stepping stone in your child’s education. Whether they find algebra, fractions and angles easy or difficult,  Mistermaths will offer your child that extra bit of help that’ll leave them finishing year 6 Maths at their full potential.

Our year 5 and year 6 Maths free resources also help those looking to take the 11+ Maths test. On their own they are a great resource but to gain maximum benefit they should ideally be used with a tutor. Hover over the topic to open the revision pack.


Addition (non-calc)

Angle Problems

Area – level 4 to 6 (non -calc)

Area – level 3 to 5 ( non -calc)

Calculating Angles level 4-5

Calculating Angles level 6

Calculating Time and Intervals

Calculating time with Clocks

Calculating Weight

Capacity and Conversion

Conversion Graphs


Decimal calculations (non-calc)

Decimal Value & Number Lines (non-calc)

DivIsion (non-calc)

Equivalent Fractions

Fractions of an amount (calc)

Fractions of an amount (non-calc)

Fractions on a Numberline

General Worded Problems (calc)

General Worded Problems (non-calc)

Inverse Operations (calc)

Inverse Operations (non-calc)

Length Problems ( 3-5)

Line graphs and conversion charts

Missing Number (calc)

Missing Numbers (non-calc)

Money problems (calc)

Money Questions (non-calc)

Multiplying levels 4-5 (non-calc)

Negative Numbers (non calc)


number totals (non-calc)

Number cards (calc)

Number Cards (non-calc)

Number Lines

number reasoning (non-calc)

number sequences (non-calc)

Percentages (calc)

Percentages (non-calc)

Perimeter levels 3-5 (non-calc)


Pie Charts ( non-calc)

Probability Levels 4-6 (non-calc)

Ratio (calc)

Ratio (non-calc)

Ratio and Proportion- level 5-6 (calc)

Reading Scales – Capacity

Reading Scales – length

Reading Scales – Weight

Reflection and Symmetry

Rotations level 4-6


Sequences (calc)

Shading Fractions (non calc)

Shape levels 3-5

Special Numbers (non-calc)

Subtraction (non-calc)

Tables and Data (non-calc)

Trial and Improvment – levels 4-6 (calc)

Using a calculator







year 5 Maths

year 6 Maths