Year 7 Maths bridges the gap between primary and secondary education. It’s completely understandable, therefore, that you would want your child to succeed and achieve their full potential. Learners will cover the four main areas of Maths as given in the national curriculum (Number, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics) by studying some of the big ideas of mathematics. They will build upon the ideas met in Key Stage 2 and learn new skills that will prepare you for your GCSE and even beyond. The free resources provided below cover levels 3 to 5 and are suitable for all learners.

On their own the year 7 Maths resources are a great, but to gain maximum benefit, they should ideally be used with a tutor. Hover over the topic to open the revision pack. Hover over the topic to open the revision pack.


Algebraic Manipulation – Year 7 Maths

Angles- Year 7 Maths

Application of ratio – Year 7 Maths

Area and Perimter -Year 7

BIDMAS and using a Calculator – year 7

Conversion and Compound Measures – Year 7

DistanceTime and Real Life Graphs – Year 7

Frequency Distribution and Mean from Table – Year 7

Mathematical Language – Year 7

Pie Charts (PR) – Year 7

Probability – Year 7

Problem Solving – Year 7

Rounding and Estimating – Year 7 Maths

Simple Averages and Range – Year 7

Solving Equations – Year 7

Straight Line and Conversion Graphs – Year 7

Transformation – Year 7

Types of Number – Year 7

Using Fraction – Year 7

Volume- Year 7

Note: If you have Successfully completed all the topics. Move onto the year 8 and 9 revision packs which go upto level 8