Year 8 and year 9 Maths is an essential time in every child’s maths development. It’s completely understandable, therefore, that you would want your child to succeed and achieve their full potential. The free resources provided below cover levels 3 to 7 and are suitable for all learners.

If a learner can complete most of the worksheets by the end of year 9 Maths,  they will be on target to achieve a Grade B/A at GCSE . 

On their own they are a great resource but to gain maximum benefit, they should ideally be used with a tutor. Hover over the topic to open the revision pack.



Algebra Manipulation – KS3

Angles- KS3

Application of ratio – KS3

Approximation_Estimation and rounding  – kS3

Area and perimter -KS3

BIDMAS and using a calculator -KS3

Conversion and Compound measures – KS3

Cricles and Cylinders-KS3 -level 6-7

Dimension – KS3 – levels 6-7

DistanceTime and Real Life Graphs-  KS3

Frequency Distribution and Mean from Table – KS3

Mathematical Language – KS3- levels 3-5

Pie Charts (PR) – KS3- level 5-6

Probability -KS3

Problem Solving – KS3- level 4-7

Pythagoras – KS3 – level 7

Quadratic Graphs – KS3- level 7

Rounding and Estimating – KS3

Scatter Graphs – KS3 – levels 6-7

Simple Averages and Range -KS3

Solving Equations – KS3

Stem and leaf – KS3 -level  5-7

Straight Line and Conversion Graphs – KS3

Transformation -KS3

Trial and Improvement – levels 4-6 (calc)

Types of Number -KS3

Using Fraction – KS3

Volume- KS3




Year 8 Maths

Year 9 Maths