GCSE revision on the higher course continues with the basics, learning to solve numerical problems and make calculations. You’ll learn about number systems and progress to Algebraic equations, Formulae and Graphs. You’ll also explore more advanced geometry and discover ways to calculate the qualities of various shapes and work out areas, volumes and surface areas. You will learn to collect and assess mathematical data and to use it to solve specific problems and interpret and assess the results. Through GCSE revision Higher, you will learn that it is about more than numbers: it’s about thinking logically and being able to apply the principles you learn to everyday situations.

Our GCSE Revision Higher resources includes worksheets, Maths tests and past papers. On their own they are a great resource but to gain maximum benefit they should ideally be used with a tutor.




Factorising and Expanding Brackets – GCSE Higher

Index Notation – GCSE Higher

Linear Inequalities – GCSE Higher

Plotting Quadratic and Cubic Graphs – GCSE Higher

Proof – GCSE Higher

Quadratic Equations – GCSE Higher

Simultaneous Linear Equations – GCSE Higher




Cumulative Frequency – GCSE Higher

Histograms – GCSE Higher

Moving Averages – GCSE Higher

Probability Trees – GCSE Higher

Stratified Sampling – GCSE Higher




Converting Between Fractions and Recurring Decimals – GCSE Higher

Direct and Inverse Proportion – GCSE Higher

Percentage Problems – GCSE Higher

Primes, Fators & Multiples – GCSE Higher

Standard Form – GCSE Higher

Surds – GCSE Higher




Basic Trigonometry  – GCSE Higher

Circle Theorems – GCSE Higher

Similar Triangles – GCSE Higher

Sine & Cosine Rules – GCSE Higher

Vectors – Easy – GCSE Higher

Vectors – Hard – GCSE Higher

Volumes of Cylinders, Cones, Frustums – GCSE Higher





GCSE Revision Higher