KS2 Maths past papers and answers covering levels 3 to 5.


Ks2 maths past papers currently consists of 3 tests:

1) Test A is a  45 minute non-calculator paper

2) Test B is  45 minute calculator paper

3) Mental maths test that consists of  20 question. Learners has between  5 and  15 seconds to answer/


For extra support we suggest that learners attempt our Year 5 and 6  Maths revision sheets. On their own they are a great resource but to gain maximum benefit they should ideally be used with a tutor. Hover over a paper to open.





 ks2-2009-maths-testA  ks2-2011-maths-testA  ks2-2012-maths-testA
ks2-2009-maths-testB  ks2-2011-maths-testB  ks2-2012-maths-testB
ks2-2009-mental-maths  ks2-2011-mental-maths  ks2-2012-mental-maths
ks2-2009-mental-maths-transcript  ks2-2011-mental-maths-transcript  ks2-2012-mental-maths-transcript
ks2-2009-maths-answers  ks2-2011-maths-answers  ks2-2012-maths-answers


Note: KS2 Maths SATs updates take place next year in May 2015.  The SATs Papers will be similar to those in 2014, with no calculators being allowed for either of the Maths Papers at KS2 Maths level 3 to 5 (that’s the level that most children are entered for). This does effect the way your child revises; for instance they simply MUST know their timestable and be able to use short division effectively!